3D Cookie Vegetable Cutter Airplane

3D cookie vegetable cutters make fun 3 dimensional edible objects from fruit or vegetables (or even cookie dough) by assembling the pieces into an airplane shape.

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  • Create a 3D fruit or vegetable airplane
  • Stamp out the parts and assemble - directions included
  • Made in Japan, imported
  • Fun way to introduce healthy fruits and vegetables into your child's diet

More Information

Making fancy 2D shapes out of fruit and vegetables has been around awhile. But we’ve added a 3rd-dimension to the party buffet table. 

Now you can create tasty 3D objects to fancy-fi your party trays and meals. Hey, who wouldn’t want to chomp down a little 3D airplane made from apple slices! 

Just cut your food into thin slices and place the cutouts on the slice. Press firmly to create shapes and then assemble the pieces into a 3D food form.

Now you’ve got a 3D edible object! Yum!