LED Glow Chess Set

Glow LED Chess Set uses wireless conductive power source built into the chess board to illuminate the chess pieces.

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Led Chess uses a special conductive electricity powered board. Each chess piece contains an embedded long-life (60,000 hour) LED that is powered wirelessly when the chess piece is placed on the board.

The board uses an A/C adapter to power the chess pieces, so there are no batteries to replace ever. Power and illumination is provided to the chess pieces using wireless conductive technology.

While the pieces are on the board they are "live" and illuminated, as each chess piece is removed approximately 4” inches from the board, they will go dark or become “dead” since they are moved away from the wireless conductive power source.

  • Wireless solid glass chess pieces
  • Each piece is 2” to 3” Tall
  • Board is 15.7” x 15.7” Square x 1.5" Thick