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Rockit Robot OWI-7769

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The OWI RocKit Robot is an intelligent robot with touch and sound sensors built in the robot. If the Rockit Robot comes in contact with an object or sensors pick up a loud noise, RocKit Robot instinctively reverses, and turns embarking on a new course. read more...
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OWI introduces to their award winning Beginner Series of educational electronic robot and science kits...RocKit Robot! Explore the fundamentals of robotics with this informative and entertaining robot kit. The new futuristic style includes high performance and superior materials. Rockit Robot evolves as a spunky little robot that you can build.

Appropriate for ages 10 and up, RocKit Robot is an intelligent robot with a touch/sound sensor. If it comes in contact with an object or hears a loud noise (such as hands clapping), RocKit Robot automatically reverses, then turns left before embarking on a new course.Rockit Robot is lots of fun from the moment it arrives. Requiring only basic hand tools, it contains step-by-step instructions,pre-assembled printed circuit board, condenser microphone,and an easy-to-assemble mechanical drive system.

It's an ideal gift for the educator, hobbyist or budding scientist.

Requires two AA batteries.

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