Bloknotus Inspirational Notepad

Bloknotus Inspirational Notepad is a doodle notepad designed to get your creative juices flowing.

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You’re all about “wild mind” and random ideas. People say you’re creative, original, artistic—but sometimes even you get stumped.

Here is your secret weapon.

Inside this notebook are subtle small line doodles and drawings of such haphazard awesomeness that even you will be struck speechless. We’re talking oodles of doodles to help jog your noodle!

A mushroom cloud, crossed silverware, a bathtub. Onion domes, a bus stop, a maple leaf. Stairs, a lion…Darth Vader? Wow, that guy gets around.

You get the picture. Find what catches your eye. Improve on it. Mutilate it. Whichever!

Have fun.

  • Notebook measures 6 in. x 8 ½ in. x 1 in.(tons of pages)

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