Heat Sensitive Light Bulb Mug

Heat Sensitive Light Bulb Mug’s yellow “glowing” design shows up when filled with warm liquid.

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You’re the one they go to for bright ideas. When a co-worker is stumped, your cubicle is the only destination.

Does this look good? What about those papers? How can I possibly get this done on time?!

You answer them all, never lose your cool. Nothing is too big or small for you to handle.

That’s why they got you this sweet ceramic light bulb mug. Like you, it works hot or cold. It’s sleek, stylish, yet not ostentatious. It manages to blend in and stand out all at once. And when filled with a hot liquid, it gets a bright light bulb of an idea.

Just like you.
  • Mug holds 10 fl.oz
  • Hand wash only
  • Do not microwave