Please kick off your shoes and have a look around. We like to make fun out of everyday things, and we love to make any-day presents for fun-loving people. 

We’re a lot like Santa Clause, but without all that breaking and entering.

Where did we come from anyway?

CoolStuffExpress began in 1999 as a wholesale distributor of products for unique gift stores and specialty demographic markets. You’ll find many of our cool gifts for sale when you visit the largest and most popular cool gift stores in the country (at a much higher price). You’ll find our gift products in stores that have a focus on fun, uniqueness, defiantly clever, and entertaining products.

At the encouragement of our customers, we created CoolStuffExpress to enable you to buy cool unique gifts directly from our online store and cool stuff that's fun, unusual, unique and even weird gifts you won’t find anywhere else. Our unique gift selections are designed for the person that has everything!

You’ll find that the gifts in our Cool Stuff Gift Store are a little geeky, sometimes off-the-wall, but we think that's partly what we are about too. We call it passion!

We came up with the name CoolStuffExpress since everytime we demonstrated a new product to one of our customers they always said "Wow - that's really cool Stuff! When can I get some for my store?” And of course, our fast shipping and customer service that we are very proud of and has been a contributor to our continued growth.

Go ahead, start shopping for Cool & Unique Gifts!

About Us...

We have a lot of fun here at CoolStuffExpress and work with a great group of people in the process.

Since 1999 we have experienced record growth year after year. We thank our customers and the CoolStuffExpress staff for all their hard dedication to provide the best service to you - our customer! - Management Team

Connie. Operations Manager. Once a high powered executive in the home construction business, she brings a wealth of savvy talents to Cool Stuff Express by making us more efficient, productive, keeps us from hanging out by the water cooler and while makes sure we’re having fun at the same time. Connie keeps us all on our toes by streamlining our fulfillment, purchasing, and operations by constantly improving our processes. From Connie’s commitment to excellence, we have been awarded Preferred Supplier Status from many of our customers. We just can’t say enough about how much we appreciate her commitment to our customers. A.K.A. - The Rabbit. Runs fast and low to the ground.

Tim. Product Manager. Comes from one of the most widely known companies that have one of the most famous rodents with the first name of Mickey. Constantly on the pursuit for new, cool, weird, or just plain fun stuff. Does a lot of shaking hands, kissing babies, and posing for photo opportunities. Seriously, you’ll see him on the road traveling to trade shows, evaluating new products, and making improvements in our products here at Cool Stuff Express. Often disappears when the lunch check comes.

Steve. Warehouse Manager. With the amount of product that flows in and out of our warehouses, Steve makes sure that the right product is in the right place at the right time. Steve comes from one of the largest logistics supply companies in the world. Steve joined the Cool Stuff Express team to make sure that our orders get to you quickly and without error. Also likes to put lines on the floor in the warehouses and tells everyone what goes there.

Lisa. Customer Service Manager - In the world of ecommerce, having a real person on the phone to answer product, shipping, create orders is the exception. It’s Lisa’s commitment to customer service and treating each and every one of our customers with the appreciation and respect that have made us so famous for.

Rich. Information Technology Manager. Barcodes, Scanners, HTML, Network servers, oh my. Hey - now were talking. Rich really makes a lot of things happen here by making sure our servers are operating at peak performance, all systems are go, and keeps everything that runs on electricity operational and spinning the electric company meter as fast as possible. He keeps CoolStuffExpress operational 24 hours a day. Rich and his “network minions” are the best at what they do. All CoolStuffExpress staff starts their morning chant with “Rich is quick and nimble on his toes, my respect for Rich continually grows”. He wrote that. Rich and his team are “simply the best”.

Along with the Management Team we have a great staff of 16 additional players that constantly add to our mission and goals.

We appreciate every contribution from the CoolStuffExpress Team. You'll often find us together after hours playing softball or "consuming" mass quantities while we discuss the latest coolest thing we discovered.