Penguin Iwako Japanese Puzzle Eraser Waddles

Waddles the Penguin by iwako beanie eraserz are cute japanese mini erasers for kids are collectible puzzle erasers that come apart! Cool, Japanese puzzle eraser animals are fun, toy take apart erasers--just pull apart the kawaii eraser puzzle, and enjoy putting it back together! Ages 3 and up. No PVC & non-toxic. 1.25" tall. Fits on the end of a pencil. Made in Japan

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Iwako Japanese puzzle erasers are fun erasers that kids and adults everywhere love to collect and trade.

These high quality puzzle erasers pull apart, and the pieces fit snugly back together.

Collect them, trade them, let them keep you company at your desk! If you make a mistake, you’ll be glad you have an eraser for a friend.

Waddles the penguin is made of four pieces.
  • Ages 3 and up 
  • No PVC & non-toxic 
  • 1.25" tall 
  • Rubber
  • Made in Japan