Plaster Rocket Bank

Plaster Rocket Bank gives you a place to save your money for that special something, and then enjoy smashing it open.

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Your nephew wants a new bike. He has to save the money himself. You give him this sweet black plaster rocket bank. He writes NEW BIKE on the outside in his best handwriting, and starts dropping money in.

He helps his sister deliver Girl Scout cookies, gets 30 bucks for his birthday, learns to mow his neighbor’s lawn. Money keeps going in. Still, there’s one problem.

“How will I get it out again?” he asks.

You smile. That’s the fun part.

When not even one more penny will fit inside, you climb with him to the low roof of the garage. You hand him the rocket bank.

“You like smashing things, right?”

He nods. You smile. He’s earned it. The goal has been met. The rocket plummets off the roof, smashes on the driveway. A new bike’s worth of money explodes from it. Your nephew whoops and hollers. Who knew destruction could be so satisfying?
  • Bank is made of heavy plaster
  • White marking pen is included
  • Bank measures approximately 11 ½ in. long, 5 in. wide at tail