Product Submission – Sell your Cool Gift on Cool Stuff Express. 

Have you got a really cool product? Are you an inventor? A dreamer? A creative genius that’s gone quite mad?  Are you looking for a place to sell your cool products?  So how do you get your cool products on Cool Stuff Express?

Have you made something in your garage that needs to get in front of tons of cool customers that will be climbing over each other to get their hands on your cool product? We want to talk to you – and you should talk to us.

We love to offer our customers cool and unique gifts and products that you just can’t find anywhere else.   You can partner with us. Cool Stuff Express. 

OK, now you’re interested.

OK, what’s the definition of a cool product? Well, that depends. CoolStuffExpress market and demographic focus is on products that are cool, unique, and fun. Many of our products are science related, geeky, funky, fun, educational, or just plain - well - weird. Ok, now you get the idea –mmmmm OK.

We are always searching for the coolest stuff to present to our customers and we’ll want to talk to you. Not a friend of a friend that knows you, but you.

Here’s a list of criteria to get started selling your cool stuff.

Gather up all your ideas on why you think that you have the coolest product. First ask your friends, your coworkers, and people that will actually tell you if your product is cool or lame. If it’s lame, then make some improvements and ask them again. Don’t ask your spouse, they’ll just humor you so you’ll go away.

Make sure that you can supply more than one, it’s great to have a prototype cool product, but Cool Stuff Express sells in volume, so you’ll need to be a reliable partner for us. We’ll love you for it and so will our customers.

If it passes, the cool stuff express criteria (basically our product review meeting is held every week, but if your stuff is so cool we’ll call an emergency meeting and everyone from customer service to shipping will gather around and offer their opinion. You know, groups are so much smarter that Product Managers that went to some obscure marketing school for 6 years. It’s a tough crowd, but we have the best bunch of employees that come from wide variety diverse origins.

Human Resources find some of them from right around here, and others from planetary systems still undiscovered. Then they’ll make strange noises, grunts, and hold up handmade signs indicating approval or the dreaded thumbs down sign. Oh, it can be tough, but also profitable for your cool product.

If your concept passes, we’ll let you know quicker than a speeding crawfish.

Ok, now you know the basics, what are you waiting for? Send us your cool product submission idea, mmmmkay.