Coffee Bean Scented Metal Pen

Coffee Bean Pen is scented with the fresh smell of coffee and has coffee beans in the clear center of the pen for your sniffing pleasure.

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You never know when you’re going to have a caffeine crisis!

These coffee bean scented pens have a translucent center that contains caged coffee beans bursting with the crisp fresh smell of coffee. The coffee scent is infused with Auracell, a patented process of ultra-long lasting scent technology that lasts for months and months.

This pick me up pen is designed for late night programmers, writers, and musicians in mind.
  • Need a little pick me up, just take a little whiff and your mind clears - all is right again!
  • Metal Pen Coffee Bean Aroma
  • Sealed plastic display gift case
  • Fused with long lasting scent of coffee
  • Coffee Bean - Caffeine Pick Me Up Pen